Please consult the list of frequently asked questions below.

Can I confirm which flight I am on? 

For security purposes, Cobham is unable to confirm your flight details over the phone. You will need to contact your employer directly to find out which flight you are booked on. If you are present in the terminal with photo identification, the check-in agent will be able to confirm your flight details. 

I’m running late! 

If you are running late, please contact your employer as soon as possible so they can notify the Cobham terminal.

What time does check-in close? 

Check-in closes for all flights strictly 30 minutes prior to your flight departure time. If you miss your flight, you will need to contact your employer in order to have your flight rescheduled.  

What do I need for check-in? 

You will need to present a form of photo identification such as a driver’s licence, an employee identification card or a valid passport.

Can I check-in online? 

Currently, Cobham does not have the facility to check-in online.

How much luggage can I take with me? 

This depends on where you are travelling. Please click here to find out baggage allowances specific to your site.

Is my flight delayed/cancelled? 

Departing from Perth

You can easily check the status of your flight on the Flight Status page. You can also contact the Cobham terminal directly on +618 9479 9728. 

Departing from Adelaide

For flights departing from Adelaide, please visit the Adelaide Airport website via

Where can I park and how much does it cost? 

Please see the car parking page for information on parking when departing from Perth and Adelaide.

Is there a transfer bus to other terminals? If so, what time does it depart? 

No. Transport between Qantas terminal (T3 and T4) at Perth Airport and Cobham's Perth terminal is by taxi only. Please check the before you fly page for a map identifying where the taxi ramp is located.

Is my partner/family member on this flight? 

For security purposes we are unable to provide you with information about passengers travelling on our flights. In the event of an emergency, please contact your family member, partner or your partner/family member’s employer for more information. 

Can I reserve a seat? 

Cobham only allows seat requests for passengers requiring assistance. For more information on special assistance for passengers, please click here.

What can I take to Barrow Island? 

Barrow Island has strict quarantine guidelines. All passengers must have completed a quarantine induction prior to travel to the Island. If you are unsure or wish to carry a personalised item, please contact your employer directly to confirm if the item can travel. 

Can I purchase a ticket? 

At present, Cobham only operate charter services. If you require travel to one of our destinations, you may request an aircraft charter. 

How do I request a charter? 

To request an aircraft charter, please submit a charter request to our team at Cobham and they will get back to you as soon as possible.