Cobham Aviation Services - Special Mission was awarded a 12 year contract with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), to provide a dedicated fixed wing search and rescue (SAR) service from three operating bases:

  • Perth
  • Cairns
  • Essendon

Four Bombardier Challenger CL-604 jet aircraft have been modified with a full suite of detection, communication and stores delivery equipment in order to deliver this service.

The aircraft are tasked for a range of SAR response activities which may be over land or over water, by day or by night.

The roster comprises two day shifts (nominally of six hours each) on base at the airport and a 12 hour night standby shift, nominally from home.

Day shift response times are 30 minutes from SAR alert call to calling for aircraft taxi clearance. Night standby response times are 60 minutes from SAR alert call to calling for aircraft taxi clearance, and crews must attend the airport within 30 minutes of being called.

Potential applicants should carefully consider both the requirement to be accommodated close to the airport to be able to meet the night callout from their home and the anticipated low rate of flying, in the order of 100 flight hours per annum. The low flying rate will be offset by extensive use of a Level D full flight simulator located in Melbourne.

When called, the flight duration may be up to 8 hours and the total flight and duty period may exceed 14 hours. From time to time crew will be required to work away for a period of time to support large or extended operations anywhere in Australia, or internationally.

We are looking for experienced Captains with a jet and/or special mission background and first officers with multi crew experience.

If you are not a pilot but have a passion for aviation and would like a change of scenery we are looking for candidates to join our Observer team. You will need to be able to demonstrate situational awareness coupled with flexibility and adaptability. You will be trained to operate a cutting edge mission system and deliver life-saving stores to those in distress.

This is a unique opportunity for pilots and observers who wish to be involved in a niche operation with a humanitarian focus, operating a modern jet aircraft in a highly skilled team environment, as part of an aviation organisation with global presence. It also offers substantial lifestyle opportunities with occasional travel away from home base.

Search and Rescue - Do you have what it takes?