Our 'SPIRIT' values underpin everything that we do at Cobham. They define what is important to our organisation and govern the behaviour of individuals within our organisation.


Safety is our first and foremost value and underpins a strong safety culture and the belief that it is unacceptable for any employee, or person who interacts with the organisation or its products and services to suffer harm as a result.


This value emphasises the importance of our performance, as individuals, work teams and as an organisation, as well as the performance of the products we provide. Our success is directly linked to our ability to meet or exceed performance expectations, as set and measured by our stakeholders.


We seek not only to be better through continuous improvement, but by doing things differently – that’s innovation. We place great importance on new ideas, technology, devices or processes that deliver effective results, better solutions and greater products.


As a people-driven and people-focused organisation, we recognise the value of positive and enduring relationships. We place great importance on, and invest in, our relationships. This applies across and within our organisation and externally with our customers and other stakeholders.


This value emphasises the importance we place on being honest, ethical, fair and having strong moral principles - this characteristic is a critical enabler to the Trust value.


This value centres on the ability for one person, team, or organisation to unconditionally rely on another person, team or organisation for an important outcome or behaviour. We place great importance on believing in our people and delivering to promises in every context, every time.


Our SPIRIT values are integrated into our employee recognition and reward program, which includes awards for tenure and peer nomination. More information about our employee recognition and reward program can be found here.