The name Cobham is synonymous with pioneering and excellence in the field of aviation. The company’s founder, Sir Alan Cobham, worked tirelessly to make flying popular, safe and increase awareness of the fundamentally important role of aviation.

Aviation adventurer, explorer, pioneer – Sir Alan Cobham was all of these.  He rose to prominence at a pivotal point in history, when the aeroplane needed champions to rescue it from the realms of just being a daredevil hobby and to set it on the path to become an efficient and effective form of transportation.

To many people, Sir Alan Cobham will be remembered as the mastermind of Cobham’s Flying Circus tours in England and South Africa in the 1930s.  But it was Sir Alan Cobham’s vision for air-to-air refuelling which eventually results in the formation of Flight Refuelling Limited in 1934.

More than 80 years later, Flight Refuelling Limited has grown to become Cobham plc, an innovative technology company with a bright future, working on tomorrow’s technologies today.

As part of the Cobham Group of companies, Sir Alan Cobham’s spirit certainly lives on in Cobham Aviation Services, where we continue to pioneer excellence and innovation in the field of aviation, and embody his passion for flight.

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