Helicopter Services search and rescue

Cobham Aviation Services has extensive experience supporting helicopter services search and rescue (SAR) activities. We have specially modified SAR helicopters based in both Curaçao and Cyprus. In Curaçao the aircraft are flown by Cobham on behalf of the Dutch Caribbean Coastguard. These helicopters are fitted with night vision devices (NVD) and a full sensor suite, which meet the customers exacting needs.

Our SAR capabilities extend to include specialist helicopter SAR training and we have provided comprehensive training programs at the Royal Air Force’s Valley base in the UK for the UK Ministry of Defence, Commonwealth and international aircrew. At the SAR Training Unit (SARTU), we provide advanced SAR training for experienced pilots and crewmen, selected for frontline SAR Squadrons. This training is conducted on the Bell 412 or AW139 helicopters, which have advanced SAR autopilot modes and NVG capability.

Cobham is also experienced in providing experienced SAR crews and instructors, anywhere in the world, where we can establish a new SAR capability or undertake SAR operations for a customer.

Fixed wing search and rescue

Cobham Aviation Services utilises highly-modified Challenger jets to provide a turn-key search and rescue capability to the Australian Safety Maritime Authority (AMSA). These jets contain some of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology ever to be integrated onto a civil search and rescue platform. This technology enables AMSA’s search and rescue offers to be virtual crew members with eyes and ears at the scene as events unfold.

AMSA is responsible for the provision of SAR in Australia and Australia’s SAR zone encompasses more than 10% of the earth’s surface.  AMSA utilises aircraft based in strategic locations across Australia to perform SAR tasks such as searching for missing people, locating activated distress beacons, providing communications support at an incident and dropping survival equipment to people in distress.