Cobham Aviation Services offers ab–initio and specialist helicopter training for pilots, crewmen and engineers. With over a decade of experience in the provision of helicopter training, we can design, develop and deliver any training solution to fulfil specific customer requirements.

In addition to being both a UK Military and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved flying training organisation, we are an EASA approved engineering training organisation that can provide training for aircraft engineers and technical support staff to the highest standards using modern teaching and training methods. We can provide ab-initio, type and on-the-job training including; helicopter familiarisation, Part 147 type A and B for AS350, AS365, A109, AW139, Bell212 and Bell412.

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UK Defence Helicopter Flying School

Since 1997, Cobham has been contracted to operate the prestigious UK Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS), training more than 200 British, Foreign and Commonwealth students annually. All of our instructors at DHFS are ex-UK military and all of our flying instructors are accredited by UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) Central Flying School (Helicopters) Examiners.

Each year, around 165 basic pilot students and 44 crewmen students train at DHFS before beginning their single service tailored training. For the Royal Air Force (RAF), pilots and crewman students combine for an advanced multi-engine course that includes use of night-vision goggles (NVG), tactical flying and an introduction to search and rescue (SAR).